My Neighbor, the Poet

My Neighbor, the Poet by playwright Donald Tongue

"My Neighbor, the Poet" by Donald Tongue

Robert and Elinor Frost moved to a small farm in Derry NH with their newborn daughter, Lesley, in the fall of 1900. Robert tried to pursue farming to support his growing family, but his real passion, poetry, often kept him up late into the night and the cows waiting till noon to be milked. In the 1950s, the farm was transformed into an auto salvage business and the property was littered with the remains of junked vehicles. Lesley Frost returned to her childhood community in the 1960s to lead an effort to reclaim the property. Her endeavors successfully restored the farm and preserved the property that embodies many of the images found in her father’s poetry – the mending wall, the apple orchard, and white birches.  These are the tales of, My Neighbor, the Poet.

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Scene Changes

Samantha Wheelwright, legendary ex-Brit, star of stage and film, whose career is faltering, finds herself performing the role of Mrs. Cratchit, in a traveling production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The actor playing Bob Cratchit has suddenly taken ill and the producer, much to the dismay of Ms. Wheelwright, is forced to hire a much younger, inexperienced, local actor, Matthew Simmons. This romantic dramedy shows what happens when youthful star-struck enthusiasm slams headlong into mid-life realism and cynicism. They both grow and learn from the encounter and, in the end, the world seems different – the scene changes.

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A humorous and thoughtful short play that ponders what happens with characters who are abandoned by their playwright.

Play available through Heuer Publishing, Inc.

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Fishbowl, by Donald Tongue

Just prior to their opening night performance, Helen decides to settle a personal matter with one of her fellow actors. Her action sets off a chain of events that throws the production into chaos and totally shatters the fourth wall.

Play available through Heuer Publishing, Inc.

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School Portrait Monologues

It’s time again for the annual high school yearbook portrait, and drama queen, Gina Garfoni, is dreading a repeat of the previous year’s photo catastrophe. Last year’s photo was so bad that there’s even a blog devoted to it! This year, the photographer is experiencing some problems, and while waiting for him to adjust his equipment, Stacey, Gina, Tank, and Will unburden themselves in front of the camera. Through confessional-type monologues, this comedy puts the trivial issues of high school into perspective. A great piece to showcase your most talented acting students.

Play available through Heuer Publishing, Inc.

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When a playwright struggles with her rewrites, she finds herself in direct conflict with her own characters as she battles for control.

Play available through Heuer Publishing, Inc.

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A Time, Twice Upon

While busking for tips in Central Park, Evelyn and Aden are robbed at gun point and Evelyn decides she has had enough of the Big “Freaking” Apple.  A loner, “Frank”, who spends his days in the park playing chess, alone, uncharacteristically tries to intervene and they soon discover that Frank is much more than he appears. Eventually, Frank steers Evelyn and Aden toward an unusual solution that, seemingly, will improve their situation.

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